Best Way to Dedupe Two Libraries?

  • Hi,
    I currently how two Runtimes:
    A. Poser (Various Versions) Default Library + 3rd Party Stuff
    B. Poser 11 Default Library
    My goal is to try to clean it up so that I have all the Poser Default content in one Runtime and then all the 3rd Party stuff in another. My thought process on achieving that would be essentially to find a tool that can do folder comparisons for duplicate files using CRC. Then, delete the duplicates from within my 3rd Party runtime, as the only duplicates should be Default content.
    Logically, that makes sense. But before I do that, are there any variables I should consider? Are there any tools that are targeted to Poser that might help me do this more easily?

  • fdupes will find and delete dupes, if that's what you want. You need to be careful. Vendors will often use the exact same PNG in multiple places. deduping will destroy that.

    rdfind will allow a hard link to be put in place of an exact dupe. This works better for library depuding.

    Poser can't use shortcuts (ie: soft links)

    Both are *nix utilities (they work on MacOS). There are possibly ports for Windows.

    Also, dedupe only within each runtime or you must have all the runtimes in the library all the time since the dupe may have been across runtimes.

    be very careful when messing with runtimes and automated tools. You can destroy a runtime quickly and thoroughly. Keep a backup while you test stuff. And generally, keep a backup. Always.

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