Poser Library Cleanup? (AKA How to Move Files, Safely?)

  • I'm looking at undertaking a massive process of cleaning up my Poser Runtimes -- for example, putting similar poses together, under a more logical folder structure. Before I dive into manually moving folders, I realize that I'm totally fuzzy on the way Poser uses all of these files. Even after tons of Googling, I'm learning that Poser has evolved over the years and the rules seem to have changed, over time.

    Any ground rules that I need to follow, when moving content (within the same Runtime folder hierarchy and out of it)? Can I move Texture folders out of the textures folder, for example? Again, I've put in a lot of time Googling and I have video tutorials for Poser 5-10 that I'm working through, but the answers seem to vary. HOping for some clarity.

    Thanks, you guys have all been so helpful, so far and I really appreciate it!

  • Keep the textures in the texture folder and the geometries in the geometry folder. The files in the library folders characters (cr2), poses (pz2), materials (mt5 and mc6), hands (hd2), heads (fc2), hair (hr2), props (pp2), lights (lt2), cameras (cm2), and scenes (pz3) can be moved into any of the library folders. And scenes don't have to go in any runtime if you don't want to use the library to load them.