Saving a face morph

  • I know how to save a pose and have all the morphs and such saved with it... but how do I save a dial spun morph of JUST the face?

  • @rokketman

    If you have Poser 11 Pro, choose FIgure > Spawn Full Body Morph. Name the morph for your character.

    This will put the master dial in the BODY, rather than the head, but if your facial morph relies on animated joint centers, they have to be in the BODY actor to work right (a Poser bug discovered during development of LaFemme).

    There are instructions in the LaFemme User Guide PDF file (yes, LaFemme does have a user guide, and it should be in the Documentation folder in whatever runtime you installed her in). "Saving Characters and Morph Injection Poses", pages 10-12

  • @deecey Thanks! I'll take a look at that. I do have Poser 11 Pro. I will give this a shot and come back when I either succeed or fail...

  • @rokketman
    The User Guide mostly explains what is in each library folder and what you use it for, but there are some instructions in there.

  • @deecey I don't see a user's guide. Maybe I didn't install it. I will have to go back and check.

  • @rokketman
    It probably won't be beneath the RUNTIME folder, because Rendo puts documentation in its own Documentation folder.

    So, for example, say you installed La Femme into a folder on your D Drive, named D:\La Femme Content
    The library files would be in D:\La Femme Content\Runtime
    But the LaFemme Users Guide.pdf will be in D:\La Femme Content\Documentation

  • @deecey I had to go back and download the first runtime folder so I could get it. I am going through it now.

  • OK, so I spawn a full body morph. How do I keep it from affecting the full body when I apply it? I only want the face morph. Or am I reading too much into this?

  • OK. I spawned a full body morph named "My Character." The only dials I used were in the head and face parts.

    When I spawned the full body morph, the master dial appears in the BODY actor.

    SAVE first. Just in case.

    Choose your morph in the BODY actor, and then expand the morph menu and choose Delete Morph.


    Initially, EVERY body part is checked, so it will delete everything. What you do is scroll down and UNCHECK the actors that you want to remain.

    So here, I start by unchecking the morph in the BODY actor.


    Then I scroll down and uncheck all of the head parts, as shown in the following two figures.



    Choose OK. Poser will list all of the dials where the morph was deleted, as shown here:


    You have one chance to back out. Choose OK to delete all those morph dials in the actors where you don't want it to appear.

  • @deecey Thanks, that makes sense now. I will give it a shot after I finish this render. You've been a big help!

  • @deecey I always moves Documentation to runtime, since I sync runtimes between my machines (and backup server) and I want docs to be sync'd as well. Templates go there as well. Same reason.

  • i have so made that mistake of clicking fast through things and forgetting that poser has everything checked for deletion by default. And it even says "no take backs". My brain is failing me.

  • @thoennes I am about to give it a try and see what I can do. I just finished a render of the morph in question.
    She will be my Wonder Woman. I don't want to have to do a bunch of dial spinning to try to get her body to match the pose file I already saved, so I will be doing this as a full body morph.
    Pray for me!

  • @rokketman Will any deity do? That looks great, btw. Imma add some incense into the prayer. Maybe an offering of espresso and biscotti. Erm.... for me, in lieu of deity.

  • 0_1561002722466_issue.png
    Got a vert going nuts... I don't know why.

  • 0_1561002978416_fixed.png
    Fixed it. I love the morph brush in PP11.

  • @rokketman

    High res morphs do weird things sometimes, and someone recently reported something similar. Check the HR ear morphs in Femme Fatale as the culprit.

    (BTW, if you intend to distribute your character, don't include Gabe's Femme Fatale morphs in your spawn, or anything else that isn't marked as a merchant resource ... My body kit is an MR, so it's cool to distribute characters made with those.

  • @deecey I didn't have any of his morphs on there. I simply dial spun with the morphs that were included with her original package. I used your morphs and his on the body. I don't know if I will distribute this or not. I have that catsuit and two Wonder Woman costumes to create. The catsuit is done, but I keep letting myself get distracted!
    I noticed I missed a bit of that errant vert so I hit it with the morph brush again. I am doing a NSFW render that I will post next.

  • @deecey Me. I found even if I inadvertently (and I must have) touched the morph brush to the head while it was subd'd, it was nothing but trouble, later. For an image, i used the morph tool to bash it back but eventually, I found and deleted the morph. It was called "custom_morph" which led me to think I must have made it by accident.

  • @thoennes Yep, when you click on the morph brush and click create a new morph, a box will pop up so you can name it. It's called Custom Morph by default.