Saving a face morph

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    Here she is. I am going to save both her head and body as separate FBM's and then I will export the mesh to make the suit. I am still working on the body for the other WW suit I will create.

  • @rokketman I often end up with ghost stuff since the mouse is so jacked in Poser. Letting go of a button and it's a few ms before the GUI knows about it but i's still handling mouse move. Like when you drag and drop something in the library. This happens all the time when I'm moving a camera. When morph tool meets high res mesh, the mouse lag really gets bad.

  • @thoennes I don't drag and drop anything. I double click to add things from the library, and I use the dials to translate and rotate things in the scene. I have never had issues doing it that way.

  • @rokketman I tend to not, as well. But when using the morph brush, you sort of have to be dragging. Or sometimes I click directly on the scene to select an actor, rather than the drop down (for actors that a are chest part, arm part, blah blah). Let go of button, move mouse over to select parameter value (which i type in) and the mouse drags a body part even though I'm not holding a button. Sometimes, my double click to add stops working and I have to press the double check icon to add or restart poser to get double click back. weird. Sometimes I click on something in library, then move mouse and it acts like the move is happening with click still pressed and I get the dialog "do I really want to move it".

    CTRL-Z is my friend.

  • @thoennes Ditto to all of that. I get what you mean now...

  • @rokketman and CTRL-S. Together, they bring balance to the force. The force of friggin' buggy GUIs! A guess that's just a force and not the force.

  • If you want to screw up the body injection, leave IK enabled.
    Having the default La Femme with applied IK was not a good thing

    .... and the easier way.
    Don't ever use facial control chips to come up with the face.
    Set subdivision to zero
    Export OBJ and select just the head, nothing else.
    Select head actor and import the file you just created.
    Now you have a morph injection in the head where you want it.
    Zero head (Restore object) and set your new injection to 1