Preservation of this forum?

  • @miss-b Doesn't Bondware make forum software? I'd think they would be rather reluctant to spend money on buying one if they do.

  • @eclark1849 I have no idea if Bondware has folks who create forum software. They're web hosts, and probably offer some pre-made site software for their clients to use, but whether they have a lot of clients who have forums, I have no idea, so don't know if they created the forum software R'osity uses, or they bought it from someone who specializes in that sort of thing.

  • I understand the SM Forum API now; it's nicely clean and relatively easy to quickly dump all the threads out as JSON. A little JS in the browser console and it's done.
    Caveat: only threads I can see, of course.

  • Well, I just saved about 18-20 single page threads I've had bookmarked for some time now. I have about 5 or 6 more longer threads to save, but they'll wait for another day.

  • @ghostship It's a good question. If there is a way to make sure the wayback machine captures everything, I'd like to know.

  • @maestro said in Preservation of this forum?:

    @ghostship It's a good question. If there is a way to make sure the wayback machine captures everything, I'd like to know.

    Now THAT would be nice, as I've used the Wayback Machine many times over the years, but yes, the site has to be set up so it can be captured by Wayback. Here's hoping it can.

  • @miss-b apart from my own posts, which are easy to save from my profile, as noted, I'm struggling to save significant sections of the mega-multi-page pinned topics, where I want to capture a conversation and exchange of ideas with the associated images. Firefox doesn't want to save more that a page at a time, due to the way the forum presents a very long topic. Most painful.

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    @anomalaus Maybe try HTTrack.

  • @ghostman thanks! That looks terrific! A bit of research shows it should be able to restrict itself to a single page, rather than the whole website, which is exactly what I need to get the extremely long topics completely (disk space restrictions aside, of course).

  • @anomalaus I haven't done the multi-page saves as yet, but what I remembered was, unless they've changed it since I joined this forum, you decide how many posts are viewed "per page", so whereas I have it set to about 20, if I can still reset it to say 40 or more, then it will save the whole thing as one page. Of course, there are large threads where I only have a specific page bookmarked, where I'll only save that page, and possibly the next, but not the whole thread.

    Needless to say, Ghostman's suggestion to use HTTrack isn't something I even thought of, so I may try that as well.