Finding previously downloaded assets

  • I recently encountered problems with my computer so severe it had to be wiped. Most of my files and work were backed up and saved, but I no longer have any of the assets I had downloaded. This is a problem, because I used some in my ongoing webcomic, and I can't find them again.

    I managed to find some, and they appear to 'remember' I downloaded them before. (Green tick, 'redownload' button instead of 'download' button) so this makes me wonder if there's a way to view or find previously downloaded assets? Could anyone let me know?

  • I find fewer and fewer users asking questions here, and the platform rarely gives answers. Is the use of this product getting colder and lower? I am very confused...
    alt text
    For data loss on your computer, you can try some data recovery software. For certain certain data, it is often difficult to find it back.
    good luck.

  • The best strategy is to always download them to a directory dedicated for that purpose.

  • You dont mention where you acquired your lost Poser content as there are several outlets.
    If someone needs access to prior years purchases from contact support at as we are manually rebuilding libraries for legacy users on our new stores database.