Installing Poser Super Content Bundle

  • Hello - I am new to Poser and just installed the Super Bundle. I don't see the Miki4 character anywhere in the downloads file in the library or in the Poser content file of the library. The other characters are in a G2 file under downloads but Miki4 is not there and there is no file for People in the downloads file in the library. I double checked it was installed and I refreshed and opened/closer the application. Any suggestions on where I can find her or what I did wrong? thanks!

  • As I recall the miki 4 file is a zipped self installer file. You need to unzip and you should see an .exe file run this and follow the instructions and it should install.

  • @j.naylor73 thanks, that did it. I appreciate it! (the first of my newbie questions to the forum probably...)