How can I disable Gamma correction in Superfly?

  • @amanda I guess it matters on your goal. If your goal is cartoon type renders then have at it. If you want to do photo-realistic stuff then you need to use gamma correction. Maybe you could post up an image that you think isn't sharp enough and we can figure out what is wrong with your settup that is causing problems.

  • @amanda

    Hi Amanda

    Usually if you render with Gamma Correction then I would recommend post work renders agree they are losing lots of contrast,but this is normal in other renderers where you need to post work renders as with GC you will loose contrast and they looks bit flat or bit washed

    You can try this to get more contrast

    I'm using this mostly for trans maps on clothing etc and they work nicely with Poser 11

    Hope this helps


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    @amanda - you're right, & that's normal IMO - renders should be processed, just like photographs. Whether the render has the look you want is not important; what matters is the quality of data (check the histogram). If that is good - & in my experience Superfly is excellent - you can do pretty much anything with it. The basics would be Curves adjustment + sharpening in any competent image editor, only takes a few seconds.

    Gamma (or linear workflow) can't be turned off in Superfly but it can in Firefly; I've compared renders in the past with GC on & off - when it's off the results are technically poor regardless of how they appear on screen.

  • With gamma

    Without gamma

  • @amanda the problem is with your mats not gamma. show us a shot of your skin mat. With GC on it's not just darker it's the wrong color that should be a dead giveaway.

  • here is a SF image. Gamma is on. looks correct. No funny colors.

    0_1481006343860_Studio Test 3.jpg

  • I don't understand. I just loaded Teen Josie with its standard settings. I changed nothing with her. Why is something wrong with her MAT then?

    0_1481034016221_Gamma node.jpg

  • @amanda

    Hi Amanda

    Try this script

    Its SceneFixer,have been using SceneFixer in P11 and works OK,just some features are not supported or translated as should,but works great with Gamma Correction

    Yours render looks like is done with FireFly there

    Hope this helps


  • @amanda

    Hi Amanda

    here are two quick renders in P11 with SuperFly

    This one is stock,no postwork

    alt text

    This one is with postwork mostly only curves

    alt text

    Hope this helps


  • @amanda Here is waht is wrong with that texture the color chip in diffuse turns the skin color a shade of blue. the use of diffuse AND alt diffuse will make the colors off or make the figure glow and you don't want that. The ambience and translucence values will make the figure glow (emit light)for sure.

    0_1481042615693_fix mat settings.jpg

  • @amanda there is a python script that does much of this all in one swoop to all zones on a whole figure or prop it's called Scene Fixer. I don't have the link but someone should.

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    @ghostship - just be aware if you set filtering to None you're turning off anti-aliasing. Might get away with it on a noisy jpg being used for diffuse but you don't want to do that on data maps especially height & normals. Will result in shading errors.

    @amanda - that material is set up for older versions Poser, before we got good stuff like subsurface scattering, better lighting calculations, IDL & GC etc let alone Superfly. I'd suggest running Snarly's free EZSkin 3 script as the fastest way to get a better setup. You can change it all manually but it will take some time to do.

  • Both scene fixer and ezskin3 are available here make sure you get ezskin3 older versions don't with for superfly textures. Also use scene fixer with caution. It wasn't written for poser 11 and has some problems with some of the changes made to the matroom. Save before using it.

  • Thank you. What settings should I pick?
    0_1481086242802_What settings to pick.jpg

  • 0_1481086580571_what-settings-to-pick.jpg

  • I'm still not happy. I don't get it. Something is wrong. What is it?

    Without gamma and without using scene fixer:

    With gamma and with using scene fixer:

    The last image just looks so bad overall. No contrast, no saturation and green-grey skin...

  • @amanda what does the material look like for the face now in the mat room for the second "bad" looking image?

  • Without gamma and without using scene fixer:
    0_1481248793429_MAT no correction.jpg

    With gamma and with using scene fixer:
    0_1481248822782_MAT correction.jpg

    Without gamma and with using scene fixer:
    0_1481249051711_MAT no gamma correction but with using scene fixer.jpg

  • @amanda Time to simplify. remove the stuff plugged into the alternate diffuse and alternate specular. turn diffuse to 1 and plug in the two maps as I have shown in my image. throw out/delete the other bits of rubbish in that shader that you unplug.


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    This material you're dealing with is loaded with tricks that were added because we didn't have gamma correction and we didn't have scatter.

    Both tricks involve the judicious and careful addition of extra light with carefully modulated colors. The tricks were designed specifically for an inaccurate, non-physical, non-linear rendering equation, which is all we had back then. Some of the pieces of this shader were designed and published by me and widely copied IN 2006 and after. The tricks were compensation for basically a broken renderer.

    You should not be trying to use this shader today. You're now trying to use it with a correct renderer and it won't look right.

    Imagine you learned to drive a broken car, that always turned less than you told it to. So you learned to get that car to go where you wanted by oversteering.

    Then you get in a modern, new, correctly working car, and your oversteering sends you immediately off the road. That's what you're experiencing here.

    In this case, you want a modern skin shader that goes with this modern renderer. I have designed newer shaders for this purpose and they're at your fingertips by running EZSkin.