error importing the custom wxPython API - 64 bit - custom path

  • hi i just got this error after a fresh install of poser 11 pro to my 64 bit version of win 10

    • error importing the custom wxPython API -
      I did install the version to custom paths on D as my C drive is small, I think I just replaced all the C's with D's
      My current version is 11.0532974

    now i read about a similar issue (something about 32bit and 64bit going to the same pathe) maybe that happened, where it was fixed by reinstalling the update to the original path not the custom, which file should I do this, what do I do exactly?
    Thanks, Byron

  • @byrontik still waiting on this

  • in what file did you replace Cs with Ds ?
    did you read through that file to make sure you did not change anything that should not be changed?
    what exactly did you install to the D: drive? poser? the runtime? or a standalone version of wx.python?
    if you installed poser to the c: drive, and you did not install a standalone version of wx.python - there was no need to edit any file for the pointers.
    Uninstall poser 11 - remove all folders and reinstall. taking care to read the directions properly, as poser will install everything where you want it with no need to edit filepaths manually.

  • Hi I am currently receiving tech support on this

    Hi, thanks for your reply,
    i installed everything here D:\Program Files\Smith Micro\Poser 11
    nothing is on c:
    that includes the runtime and python
    D:\Program Files\Smith Micro\Poser 11\Runtime
    D:\Program Files\Smith Micro\Poser 11\Runtime\Python
    I did not install anything on C
    I did not change anything except for c=d
    I am launching the 64 bit version
    I did not install or merge older libraries, just whatever came with my purchase of 11pro