Select multiple objects?

  • Hi all, Is there any way to select multiple objects in Poser? Also is there a way to take multiple objects and create one object from them?

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    Load and position all your objects in the scene.
    Then go to => File => export => Wavefront object file.

    In the menu that pops up select all the objects you want "combined".
    Give your object a new name and save to your Hard Disk.

    Then go to => File => import => Wavefront object file and load your obj.

    You will manually have to re-attach the textures if I remember correct, and then you can save your re-textured obj to your library as a new Prop for re-use afterwards.

  • @vilters

    Thank you very much for that info!

  • Usually I want to go the other way Vilters! :-) Sooo annoying when you get a room set and none of the walls can be made individually transparent! Grrrr.

  • Has Dr. Geeps site been archived somewhere? He covered all that stuff in his tutorials.

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    To go the other way?
    Load the obj file in Blender and create the vertex groups required to "cut-up" the original into vertex groups you want to "hide" in Poser.
    Then load that obj file in Poser and "hide" vertex groups "as required".
    (You will have to re-attach the textures and mat room setup.)

    Today or tomorrow, I"ll release a youtube tutorial (in the Poser2Blender2Poser series) on how to create vertex groups in Blender. (The tutorial is for another purpose, but I'm sure there will be something for everybody in it)
    Best regards, Tony