My new computer doesn't have a disc drive...

  • A few years ago, I purchased a physical copy of Manga Studio 5. Installed it to my laptop, and since upgraded to Clip Studio Paint. But my laptop was dying, so I bought a new computer. But I'm now learning this new computer I already bought, paid for, had sent to me, and set up, does NOT have a disc drive. So is there anyway possible for me to download Clip Studio Paint using my old Manga Studio 5 serial number or something, or am I stuck without Clip Studio Paint now?

  • @shark If you have Manga Studio 5, you should be able to download the current Clip Studio Paint and use your Manga Studio 5 serial number. The download page is here:

    I just checked my personal records and, yeah, I'm using my MS5 serial number with the current CSP. If they release a major upgrade to CSP in the future, I imagine then I'll need to pay for the upgrade to get a new serial number.

    If you registered your copy of MS5, I think the registration transferred to CelSys automatically when they took back the software from Smith Micro. I'm not 100% sure about that; you may have to ask CelSys' customer support this question.

  • Thanks for the reply, but I did find an alternate solution while I was waiting for one. Just bought a flashdrive to try to get everything off of the laptop before it dies, and I tried transporting all of the Celsys files. First time I started up CSP, it asked me for my serial number, I put it in, and it worked fine. Only issue which can't be solved, is it didn't save my setups, settings, or custom pens from the old computer.

  • @shark Ok, I see what you mean.

    You're supposed to be able to transfer software settings between computers via CSP's cloud sharing system but, in my experience, the result was a little sketchy. In my case, I was moving settings from CSP on my Windows laptop to CSP on my iPad. This sort of worked but only for a few settings and I still had to recreate many custom templates and tools settings from scratch. :(

    It might work better when going between two CSP installs on same platform but I haven't tried that myself.

    That said, you should be able to manually copy CSP settings and library files to your new computer using the flash drive. Sorry, I don't have the software in front of me at the moment but my guess is that the files to copy are in your User Documents folder probably under a 'CelSys' or 'ClipStudio' folder.

    Update: I just did a search in the forums and found better info about this here:

    I hope this helps.

  • @greenlaw I thought I DID copy that. Pretty sure I copied everything, but apparently I didn't. But I did today, didn't even remotely work. Just opens up CSP like it's still fresh and brand new. And the File>Organize Materials and File>Reset Installed Materials mentioned in that post doesn't exist. Thanks anyway.