Bullet physics for Superman cape

  • Hello

    I'm making a Superman animation. When I use bullet phyiscs on Supermans cape, it lept on falling off. I set up the physics as following

    Choreographed: Ground and Superman's body parts
    Rigid Dynamic: none
    Soft Dynamic: Superman's cape

    Object: Cape


    Checked active

    Collislion margin: 0.050000 (I tried higher, like 0.25000 but it doesn't work)
    Friction: 1.00000
    Mass: .500000

    The rest are at default.


    Object constraint

    constraint to: neck (No matter what part I constraint the cape, it still falls off)

    Finally, when I click on "Set Handle Postion", nothing happens.

    By the way, I also set up the cloth dymanics in the cloth room but it doesn't affect the bullet physics at all.

    I'm using a Mac, if that helps.

    Any help would be appeciated, thanks!