How to find your poser serial number in your system?

  • Ok... here's my story, I'm going to my father for few months and i need my laptop with poser. I have bought Poser 11 Pro upgrade and I'm using it on my desktop since it came out. Haven't used my laptop for about a year for work, and I have been using Poser 2014 Pro on it when I did. Decided to install new Poser 11 Pro on it, and copied all my install files and serial numbers needed to install it. And I left to my dad's. When I arrived I installed new poser on my lappie, and it asks for new serial, so i entered it, it also asks for old serial. So im thinking i will run old poser 2014 pro to get it but some GENIUS developper decided to put stars in place of last number segment. So now I cant install new poser because i have no idea how to find my old serial... I have it at home, but not with me... Any ideas on how to find a serial number of the installed poser 2014 Pro? Tried to find a way to log in to my acount on smithmicro website, but havent been able to... SMH

  • Go to Help and click on personalize there you will find your full serial number.

  • Thanks! :)