Need Help!

  • So, I got a new machine, and put my old drive in in it. The only problem is that the only shortcut I had to the program was on my desktop taskbar, and that's gone now. Whenever I search for Clipstudiopaint.exe it comes up with two hits. Both of which lead to versions that don't have any of my brushes or swatches. It's version 1.9.7 so that seems to be the latest version. I don't know if there is some place that has all my old stuff that I can get it to recognize or something.

  • I've tried some other things, but no luck. Surely the old files still exist somewhere? I didn't delete anything when I moved the drive over. I've looked online about moving the files to a new machine, but I can't find that folder. Would the .sut files still be named the same thing in that directory? Maybe I can search for them? I really just want my color swatches and workspace back...I can always reload the brushes I guess.

  • Hi ,
    On Windows PC all your customizations and brushes are held in the directories C:users.user.documents.Celsys and Celsys_en. If you have added your old drive on your new machine it may now be e.g. D:user.user Documents and the new machine may have its own C:users.user.documents.... so you would have to copy hem to that C: directory....... hope that helps