Want see outside Canvas

  • Possible see outside Canvas without resize the Canvas?
    (I want it for my Reference Image)

  • I don't think so.... in the tool property palette you can go to Adjust and set it to canvas ... so the imported image fits within the canvas ... take a look then CTRL Z to return its size... Otr you could temporarily resize the canvas inand again CTRL Z to get back ....sorry not great solutions.

  • You could open your reference in the Sub View palette. Assign a shortcut keystroke to Main Menu>Window>Sub View and open and close the reference quick and easy any time you want.

  • Yes ... or you could open it in any image viewer on the side.... I'm wondering if what's missing with all of these solutions is seeing the edge of the page and moving or re-sizing that edge in full view of the whole image in order to more easily select the bit to include. If Holahapi can confirm if that is what is needed... I think there is a way it could be done with an Action.

  • An action would work - or rather two actions. One action would expand the side of the canvas (I wouldn't expand from the center) revealing the reference. The second action would return the canvas to the proper size and add the crop marks and guides again.

    @888toto I can guess what you're thinking about sliding the edge. That could be done by checking the edit box on the resize step in the action. As long as both actions use the same point for expanding the canvas size it will return properly with the second action.

  • In the two actions below, you can see that the anchor is on the right, expanding the canvas to the left (the first action) and then returning the canvas size to the original with the anchor on the right.


    The handle can be slid in the first action if needed by clicking that edit box. as long as the anchor on the right never changes, the second action will return everything back to original.

    The crops marks and guides will even remain unchanged after running both actions and won't need to be replaced at all.

  • You can either open a reference image in the sub view pallete and dock it somewhere on your screen, or you can just open another image file and drag the window tab to dock it beside your working window. Either way you can have an active canvas and reference image open at the same time.

  • @garlam I created a single action that never needs to resize the canvas and therefore applicable to any size of page. It presents the user with a light green transparent box ( in the ratios of the page size) and you can easily move it around and resize to select the area of the base image you want to use and then when you press return ( or the O icon) it fills the page with that selected area. It works really easily and neatly except that I cannot find a way to record within the action the first part ( setting the adjust setting for the imported image to "Canvas" so it initially maximises in the visible workspace). So at the moment you have to set it to "canvas" manually then run the macro. If anyone is interested I'm happy to post the Action here ? The inability to record changes to settings you make to the imported image appears to be a bug/omission... which I suspect is because there is no function for "committing" or "confirming" those changes .... does anyone know a way around that ?

  • @888toto said in Want see outside Canvas:

    ... because there is no function for "committing" or "confirming" those changes .... does anyone know a way around that ?

    If I understand correctly, the only way I can think to commit is to rasterize the import, then Layer>Selection From Layer>Create Selection, then Transform, then Adjust Position Canvas, and then commit.

  • @garlam Yes I tried that but when you rasterize you permanently loose thepart that is outside the current page.... so then when you apply the Canvas setting it is then no longer able to bring the bigger image into view.. Its a shame because this would have made a useful Action into something more complete and professional. BTW... that "Canvas" adjustment setting is something I learnt from one of your posts.... and I have been able to leverage it in producing an Action that turns an image into something that seamlessly tiles ( so thanks for that).

  • I didnt explain well enough, I need the referce for drawing human parts, then export the part for animation.
    alt text
    sorry about the ungly drawing

  • If the reason you don't want to do this by expanding the canvas is that you only want to export the smaller area... I can show you how to save/export just a selected area of the canvas in a single action.... would that help ?

  • @888toto said in Want see outside Canvas:

    .... and I have been able to leverage it in producing an Action that turns an image into something that seamlessly tiles ( so thanks for that).

    Can you post the Resize action and the Seamless Tile action(This one is reaaly useful)
    I am thankful for that

  • @888toto said in Want see outside Canvas:

    If the reason you don't want to do this by expanding the canvas....

    The reason is a bit different.

    The drawing come from Small Size, like one hand only.
    Then use the full human for Reference. (The reason need see outside canvas)
    Then export png as original size, also keep the edited .clip file.

  • I don't think there is a way of doing what you want without resizing. You could make a selection of the original canvas size before resizing your canvas, then making a selection layer from it. From there it's pretty simple to export just the selection later when it's time and still keep the canvas at the larger size. 888toto has a few actions that will export selections without altering your canvas.

  • [0_1481190179913_Size Actions.zip](Uploading 100%)
    The attached file contains an Action Set called Size Actions... and has two actions in it. The one that I think you will find most useful is one that saves a selected area of your current layer to a PNG file. The other one assumes you have set an imported images "Adjust position" to "Canvas"... so that it is all visible within the page... then run that action and it gives you a transparent box to resize and move to select the area you want.... when you then press Return or click the "Fix Transformation" O icon... it then sets that area of the imported image to fill the page. Sorry I am not yet giving away the Seamless tiling Action... That one is part of a killer set of actions that I shall be including with my next set of brushes in 2017!
    not sure attachments work on this site... so if not then try this link http://forum.runtimedna.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=135093&d=1481193095

  • 888toto... it seams that the link is not working


    Edit: OK working now

  • @888toto
    Sorry reply so lately/

    I am not very sure how to use the First one, but only the second is good enought for my purpose.

    Thank you so much for your help and the explaination. :D