Ink blobs while inking

  • When I'm using one of the ink brushes like G-pen or Turnip pen in Clip Studio Paint (EX 1.9.11) every now and then there's a ink blob, especially at the start, like a dot that is bigger then the brush stroke setting. It gets worse when you speed up the drawing of strokes. I also use a Cintig 22'.
    Anyone familiar with this?

  • @amslob I sometimes get artifacts, using particular brushes, that I assume are part of the brush art. I do not get blobs using G-pen, though.

    I would troubleshoot by testing the brush with the mouse. If you get blobs mouse drawing, it's on the brush/software end. If not, maybe there's something wonky with the Cintiq?

  • @irongiant14 Thanks, I'll give a try with a mouse. The problem started when I attached the Cintiq to an MacBook Pro with another adapter. Maybe the adapter is not totally reliable.