Is there a Webinar Guru in the house?

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    Since the beginning of September ... aside from my other projects, I was asked to create a Webinar. Many of you know that. I've run into many obstacles along the way. I guess since this concerns Poser I am asking here. Is there a Webinar guru who can mentor me through this? I am not being lazy here. I've tried so many different approaches and this is to be done on a $0 budget. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • @Boni Just to clarify: do you me webinar as in you do an on-line demo and people log in in real time to watch and ask questions or do you mean a video tutorial?

  • Boni, please...I beg you to reconsider making a PDF or HTML based tutorial vice a webinar or video. I work for a small company that makes online based training packages for aircrew (pilots and flight engineers). Both the training developers have masters degrees in adult education and I've learned a LOT from them in the few years that I've been doing their graphics. One glaring fact is that video based lessons have a narrow and limited usefulness. They work well as inserts where you need to demonstrate a sequence of events in a busy environment. A short clip can set a scene or mood in preparation for the main lesson, but as a stand alone method of instruction, they generally suck. I've been involved with professional level video for decades and know that making something that people will watch is an involved process. They've become popular for two reasons, one being that they're quick and easy to make. The second is that companies or individuals can market them for much more money because you (the customer) is getting "Three hours of instruction!". What you're all too frequently getting is three hours of 'uhms and aahs', mistakes, and dead air. Couple that with bad diction, a heavy accent, bad sound and an unrehearsed presentation and you get a big waste of time and money. There are some excellent video tutorials out there but they are overshadowed by a sea of crap. I've found that the free ones are usually much better and much more worthwhile than the commercial offerings.
    A PDF may take a lot more time to prepare but it will have a ton more value.

  • @pleasejustwork Although, sometimes you can learn a lot from a mistake. Especially if someone will take the time to explain to you what the mistake was and why it won't work.

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    @Boni If the webinar angle isn't working out for you then I'd just go with a video tutorial. Try contacting Mark Bremmer - he does 'rosity's poser tutorials, so maybe he could help you.
    You might also try asking Les (Garner?) of Sixus1 over at CGBytes. He's been doing webinars every week for the last few months, so he might be able to give you some advice on how/where to set it up.
    Definitely don't pay for a webinar service out of your own pocket. If 'they' want it done then 'they' need to pay for it.