Export layers as files?

  • Is there really no option to export layers as files?

    I would like to be able to export layers as individual PNG. Something like Photoshops Export/Layers to files, or similar.

  • There's no one-click operation for exporting individual layers separately as files.

  • hmmmm...i see. Dissapointing. Guess ill still have to route through PS then. Thank you for clearing that up, though.

  • Best you can do in Clip Studio is create an action that ALT selects the current layer and saves to PNG then moves to the next row down. Assign it to a key and press the key for each layer. .. There are various more complex, more automated, variants this technique but they are not worth pursuing. If when saving the PNG it assigned the file with the name of the layer then we could make it much slicker... but at the moment you have to type a name for each file and that is always going to be the slow bit

  • The features for Smith Micro Manga Studio Ex 5 Full Academic Version Pc/Mac[Software] says you can import and export to many common file formats and publish and export professional quality manga for print or web. Is this one of the differences between Manga Studio Ex 5 vs Manga Studio Ex [Full Academic Version. Also does the Full Version operate under Windows 10?

  • @thbluprince All versions save to multiple file formats and are compatible with Windows 10. But if you wanted to save a 20 layer drawing as 20 separate layer files you have to do them one at a time...there is no way to do 20 saves in a single operation. ... It is a very specific need that does not affect most users.

  • @888toto Oooooh, forgive me, I had to read the original topic again. I think I got confused as to whether this software allows you to import & export files, as opposed to "individual layers within a file". Did I get that right? Can you import & export Clip/Manga files into Adobe, Corel & Autodesk Sketchbook software programs? Or am I sadly mistaken again?

  • @thbluprince It saves and/or reads BMP, TIFF, JPG, TGA, the photoshop formats PSD and PSB, and of course its own Clip Studio format. It sound like a future update is also going to add PDF. And you can copy and paste between lots of applications. Vector layers and text layers are converted to Raster layers when exported in Photoshop format.

  • @888toto Please forgive me, I'm new to the world of digital art /graphic design. Can you import a vector drawing from Adobe Illustrator into Manga Studio Ex FVA to use the free transform perspective tool to change the angle perspective of the drawing? Or do you have the ability to do complex vector drawings in Manga Studio Ex 5 FVA. Did I explain that right?

  • You can't import vectors that will stay vectors. The image would have to be imported as a raster in one of the formats listed. You can do vector line work in CSP but no vector fills (outside of the Balloon tool).

  • @garlam Ok let me see if I got this? Would you have to rasterize a vector drawing that you did in Adobe illustrator before you import it into Manga. If so how would you convert the vector to a raster to be imported into Manga. I told you all, I'm new to this world of digital art/graphic design, be patient with me.

  • You would have to export whatever you made in Illustrator as one of the file types listed which would rasterize the vectors. A vector is made mathematically while rasters are made by putting pixels down. You can edit a vector path by moving the control points (which changes the math). Editing a raster is different.

    The important thing to know is that vectors made in Illustrator can't be used in CSP as a vector- and vice versa. CSP doesn't import or export AI file types.

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  • @martinm
    I would still love to see this, it's available in many other apps and I need it regularly, seems weird having to use a script in gimp to get this done, or worse have to buy a PS subscription for one simple function. Ghaaak!