RWBY-like animation movie with Poser. Let's share knowledge!

  • Hi, I just bought Poser 2 days ago, so I'm very new to this.

    To start off, my GOAL is to achieve result like in RWBY show.

    So without further ado, here's a problem that I experiencing right now, and seeking wisdom from people around this forum to share knowledge.

    I create my assets in blender, UV map it with 4096x4096 pixel resolution, paint it in photoshop then import it to blender with obj. file

    So, here's a description of the image:

    pic no 1 : screenshot from my blender's "texture view", this is the result that I'm aiming for

    pic no 2 : screenshot after I export the blender file to poser. the texture is all jaggy and weird at first, so I reload texture in render -> reload texture panel and this is the result after that.

    pic no. 3 : screenshot after I delete all light except for one, then in Light Properties I check "Diffuse IBL" and un-check "shadow" Then I press Ctrl+Y which toggle a render settings, and in Firefly tab I uncheck "cast shadows" and then save settings

    Problem :

    in Pic #2 and Pic #3, you can see there's weird texture happening in the middle of the cloth area And above the eyes, I draw a line. However in Pic #2 and #3, the line is blurry and jaggy unlike in the pic #1 which is sharp looking.

    Anywhere I did wrong? maybe in the blender export settings / poser material settings? I played around but can't find any solution yet.

    alt text

  • Try turning Filtering to NONE in the Image Map node for that material. See if that helps.

  • Thank you so much @Teyon for replying!
    I've found the source of the problem.
    as for the jaggies line above the eyes, I go to render setting > preview tab > increase the texture resolution on the lower right

    and as for the weird disappearing texture in the middle of the cloth, I made a mistake in blender where I apply Solidify modifier and apply mirror modifier without deleting faces in the middle first