Need help re saving physical poses

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    @ibr_remote my e-mail is in my profile here, or you can open a chat window with me and share a link to your figure in a zip folder. Just make sure to include the obj and the cr2 and that should be good.

  • @AmbientShade I have saved it as a CRZ with an external PMD. I have also removed references to textures, for convenience. You could place this into a dummy runtime under the Character folder.

  • Just to update on our troubleshooting exercise ( AmbientShade and myself) :- we confirm that the internal bone names affect the animation palette graph, and that Poser best recognises its own convention of internal bone names, although it will still allow non-animated posing to be done with non-conventional internal bone naming.

  • And also, universal poses do not work when the figure from which the pose was created is applied to a figure with different internal bone naming.

    I've noticed in that past that imported FBX files could not be animated. Now I understand this is because they have different internal bone naming conventions (as well as number of bones). Short of re-grouping and re-rigging the mesh, imported FBX files can only be posed but not animated with Poser.

    Poser will not allow keyframes to be set for bones with different internal names from Poser's convention.