Edit only on visible lines?

  • Hello, I am new to CSP and I am wondering if it is possible to manipulate/copy only the visible lines on a vector layer? My drawing process is quite chaotic so I ereased a lot of lines and drew other lines on top of them. If I want to manipulate a line afterwards often other previously erased lines come in my way and become visible again. Or I have to delete invisible lines to get access to visible lines. If I copy the lines, all the erased stuff gets copied to another layer too. Is there perhaps a way to finally erase the unterlying lines or to copy only the lines which are visible?

  • You must be using transparent pixels to erase your vector lines. Transparent vectors can be useful but using them as an eraser can make for some trouble. To truly erase, you need to use the Vector Eraser. As far as selecting visible vectors, I don't think there's an easy way of doing that.