newbie trying to install Victoria 4.2

  • Hello - I have Poser 11. I purchased Victoria 4.2 from Daz3d and am trying to install but I'm not seeing it in either the Poser Content or the downloads folder after installing in the same way that I installed the Poser bundle I purchased.. The Readme in the file for Victoria 4.2 base says it will show up under Figures: "DAZ People' but I don't see it anywhere. Do I need to install it to a different location then the Runtime-Downloads first option? Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Content from DAZ is packaged differently from other content and you can't use the install from zip menu item in poser to install it.
    You need to unzip the file and copy the runtime folder to the folder that contains your content library so that the contents of the copied runtime folder are put into the runtime library in your contents folder.
    If you installed poser and the contents in the default locations, your content libraries are located in public documents.

  • thank you @J.NAYLOR73 - can you help me a bit more with the path and exact folder I should put the DAZ runtime folder in? I found: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Poser 11 Content - then within the Poser 11 Content file there are 4 files: Documentaiton, Downloads, Runtime and uninstall.

    Do I copy the DAZ runtime folder into the Poser 11 Content folder or do I need to put it into the Downloads or Runtime inside the Poser 11 Content file?

    Or... am i totally in the wrong place? Thanks again !

  • I would put it in the downloads folder from the choice you have. If you look in this folder you should see another folder called runtime. When you put the DAZ runtime folder in downloads its content will be copied into the runtime folder in the downloads file. Then V4.2 should appear in your downloads library in poser.
    However, a better idea is to create a folder in C;\users\public\documents called Victoria 4 of something similar. in this folder create a folder called runtime. Copy the daz runtime folder into the folder Victoria 4 so the contents of it are copied into the runtime folder.
    Then open poser and in your library window there is an icon of a row of books and a plus sign. Click on this and an explorer window opens. Navigate to the folder called runtime you have created in the Victoria 4 folder and click ok. This should add a library called Victoria 4 to poser, and Victoria will appear in this library. Then you can put all Victoria 4 content you get into this library.
    You can create other libraries to organise content however you want to, and it's a good idea to start doing this from the beginning.

  • Thanks much @J.NAYLOR73 ! I set up the folder as you suggested and that works.