[Help] Tones showing up as grey? No Rectangle selection tool?

  • Hello, I'm trying to add a tone to a test page of a comic, but when I add a tone it goes grey. Also I'm missing some tools like the rectangle select tool, I think I have Manga studio 5, I bought it last year in 2015, and I went back to using it, please someone help this is extremely frustrating!

  • Manga Studio 5 will convert grey tone to half tone dots using the Tone Effect button in the layer property palette. If that button isn't clicked, you could be seeing nothing but grey. But if you have that button clicked and are zoomed out too far, you could also be seeing grey because the half tone dots are too small to be accurately depicted.

    You could make a rectangle tool by duplicating the Ellipse tool and switching the Figure to Rectangle in the Sub Tool Detail Palette. Then Register Settings as Initial.

    You should update to the latest version of CSP.