Script for transferring joints individually?

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    Poser pro allows you to copy joint zones from one figure to another figure (or conformer) via the figure menu. Great utility.
    What it doesn't do is allow for copying individual joints. That's what I need. Is there a script/utility floating around somewhere that will do this? Does PFE do this? If I was feeling brave then I would try my hand at writing a python for it, but at the moment I just need to get it done. I can copy them manually within Poser but that'll take forever.

  • I'm not sure if there is a script, but I know that Snarlygribbly and Andy (Structure) are both pretty willing to step up and help if you ask.

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    @Glitterati3D Thanks. I don't want anyone spending their time writing a special script for this tho. I was just thinkin it would exist in one of the various scripts out there already.

    Basically I redrew Venus' rig because a few of her scale zones were borked and Poser would not let me change them, (like the whole zone was frozen and would not respond to weight painting or anything I did). Redrawing the rig turned out to be beneficial because the body parts are organized a bit better in the figure menus and all the scale zones work just fine, just needs some minor tweaking in a few places. So now I'm trying to copy most of her old joint zones to the new rig. A script would allow me to select which body parts I want copied over and leave out those I don't want touched.

    I'm sure there's a way to do this in Poser File Editor, I just haven't figured out what yet.

    I have to do the same thing for Orion (because they share the same rig), so figuring out how to write a script for this will help save me a lot of time.

  • You should be able to use the Poser Place Outfitter script for this; great work by Cage. It's at RDNA for the next few days until they close up shop. I also have it on my Google Drive...

    Just exclude the actors you don't want to transfer...

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    @wandw Thanks, I'll try that. Didn't even think about that one, thought it was specifically for fitting clothes to V4WM.

  • @wandw Aren't a lot of the post and threads at RDNA stored in the "Wayback Machine"?

  • @eclark1849 More than likely at some point, but the RDNA forum isn't closing as yet. I think that may be open for a while longer. It's only the RDNA store that's closing now.